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Team Sam fic: Palmetto

Title: Palmetto
Author: mamapranayama
Rating: PG
Summary: Sam's fear of this is quite legitimate.

A/N: I stayed in a motel in Mexico one time that had one of these foul beasts and I swear to God if you ever encounter this monster, you'd feel the same way as Sam and Dean.

I'd place this in season 2ish


“Dude … will you relax? You’re making me nervous and I don’t do nervous.

“Says they guy who won’t fly.”

“Hey … That’s a legitimate fear, but this … Sammy … you can’t tell me you are seriously afraid of these.”

“I’m not afraid … just … uncomfortable.”

“Uncomfortable … shit man… you’re practically peeing your pants over there.”

“God, Dean … you’re not helping, will you please just take care of it? I'd do it myself, but ...” Sam lifts up his hand encased in plaster, stooping low enough to use his greatest weapon in his arsenal against his brother by setting two hazel eyes made out of pure, 100% puppy-dog on him.

Dean has no choice but to give in, not when Sam isn't playing fair and even though he knows his brother has broken car windows and jumped two stories into a swimming pool to save a drowning girl with that stupid cast on, he'll do what an awesome big-brother like himself needs to do to make his little brother feel safe..

“Jeez … fine … hold onto you giant, flowery panties. I’ll kill the big, bad monster and if it makes you feel any better I’ll even salt an burn its corpse too.”

“I don’t care, man … it’s looking at me funny, so whatever you do, do it quick.”

“Alright, alright … Damn … it’s just a cockroach.”

“That’s no cockroach, Dean … that a thing that has to have been irradiated by nuclear radiation which turned it into the incredible hulk of cockroaches for it to be that big ... I mean … seriously, c’mon … look at that thing. It’s got murder in its eyes”

Dean sighs, ”How the hell can even you see its eyes?” He picks up his empty steel-toed boot and flings it across the room directly for the offensive creature.

Two seconds later the boot comes bounding back, zinging over their heads at full speed.

“Holy shit … Did that thing just throw my freaking boot back at us?"

Sam gulped heavily and nodded, vibrating with fear.

Dean finally understood Sam's fear of the giant, red insect and felt the urgent need to leave the premises ... hell .. leaving the state might be a good idea.

"Run away !!!!  I think I made it angry! ”

The End

Tags: crack, fic: gen, rating: pg, team sam

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