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Team Dean: Rec: Sometimes a Day goes By

Title:Sometimes a Day Goes By
Author: Gwendolyn Grace ( gwendolyngrace)
Genre: Gen, Wee!Chesters (angst)
Rating: PG
Summary: Mt. Pleasant, TX, April, 1988: Dean had told Sam that Dad had issued a gag order about Mom. No questions, no discussion: the topic of Mom was completely off-limits Because Dad Said So. But as with so much that Dean told Sam about their family, it was a lie.
Characters: Wee!Sam (age 4 going on 5), Wee!Dean (age 9)
Wordcount: 2,440

Read the fic here

Dean eases the pain and questions wee Sam has about their mother, as only a superb big brother like Dean can do. A must read because it is heart breaking, heart warming and such a good characterization that your inner dean will rise to the surface....


Tags: rating: pg, rec post, team dean

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