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Fic - Mission Possible?

Title: Mission Possible?
Rating: G
Genre: pre-series, teen!Chesters
Word Count: @600
Summary - inspired by a prompt in the "Keepin' Cool Comment Meme" and written for Team Sam.

The target was in sight. Sam could feel his shoulders start to tense. Dean would’ve appeared confident and nonchalant to anyone else, but the tell-tale tapping on the loose change in the pocket of his jeans gave his anxiety away. It actually made Sam feel better to know that Dean wasn’t as confident as he appeared.

Dean was poised, rocking slightly on the balls of his feet waiting for the signal from Sam. Ahead, Sam finally saw what he was looking for. With no more hesitation Sam stepped forward. It was time.

They’d never done anything like this before. Such a bold, forward assault could land their asses in serious trouble, but there was no turning back now.

Sam listened to the sound of his tennis shoes slapping on the hot asphalt. He had to time the approach just right.

“Hey Sam!” a familiar voice called out.

Sam looked over and feigned surprise, like this wasn’t just the person he’d been waiting for. “Hey Justin! How’s it going?” Sam joined the gaggle of boys from school all heading in the same direction.

Sam kept up the friendly chatter as Dean blended in to the back of the group. The mass of teenage boys they attached themselves to continued to move forward. “I thought you couldn’t make it today.” Justin stated.

Sam quirked a grin. “Actually, it’s the second time. My brother and I came earlier this morning too.”

Justin’s eyebrows raised, but he didn’t push the issue. Sam’s heart was hammering in his chest. He didn’t like the feeling of being caught up in the crowd without Dean right at his back. If things went south, Sam would catch the most heat.

The horde of boys in swim trunks and t-shirts thinned out into one line as they passed their tickets over for admission. Sam didn’t have a ticket; he held out his hand with a stamped logo on it. Dean had done a very fair job of carving the park’s logo out of a handball while Sam concocted a semi-permanent ink in the right color.

Sam held his breath waiting for the inspection, but Dean had been right – the bored, overheated and poorly paid ticket taker was more concerned about getting the people with tickets through the line than giving Sam a hard time over a fuzzy, not quite perfect stamp.

Once through the turnstile Sam stepped to the side away from Justin and waited for Dean to pass inspection too. The attendant scrutinized Dean’s stamp about as much as he’d scrutinized Sam’s – which was not at all. Dean grinned in satisfaction and Sam couldn’t help but beam back at him. Dean’s stride was all confidence now as he slung his arm around Sam’s shoulders and propelled him forward.

With his free arm Dean gestured grandly to the vista before them; it was water slides, tubing and a wave pool as far as the eye could see. “Water World awaits us, Sam.” Dean released his hold on Sam only to elbow him in the ribs. “Last one in is a rotten egg!” he challenged even as he toed off his sneakers and wriggled out of his t-shirt.

Sam hip-checked Dean as his brother was wrestling with his shirt and ran laughing toward the wave pool. A muffled curse followed in his wake but that only made Sam laugh harder. Sam hit the water running and had about two seconds before Dean tackled him into the surf. They both came up sputtering and laughing like loons.

The day was theirs and anything was possible.
Tags: challenges, comment fic, fic: gen, rating: g, sam, team sam, teenchesters

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