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Team Sam - Ficlet: I Am Sam

Title: I Am Sam
Rating: G
Pairing/Characters: Sam, Dean, John
Word Count: 247
Summary: Sam learns to read with a little help from Dr. Seuss.

Dad had discovered the book when he'd checked under their bed at the latest in the never ending string of motel rooms. It was a children's book, likely left behind by the last vacationing family to stop through. Sam was still learning to read so Dad kept it around though he quickly grew annoyed at Sam's repeated insistance to have the book read to him. So Sam started taking the book to Dean though soon his big brother started to give the book the same look as Dad had before the first time he'd told Sam to go find Dean to read it to him. Over the next few days he started asking to have the book read to him less and less and spent longer and longer periods of time in the bathroom. Eventually one night Sam didn't ask Dean to read the book to him at all which confused his big brother.

"Don't you want me to read to you Sammy?"


"Are you sure?"


"Should I turn out the light then?"

Sam shook his head and dug out the book then opened it in his lap. He stared at the pages for awhile but it felt like he was being watched so he looked up to find Dean staring at him.

"Want me to read to you Dean?"

Sam grinned at the stunned look on his big brother's face then began to read the book aloud proudly.

"I am Sam, Sam I am..."

Tags: fic: gen, rating: g, sam, team sam, weechesters

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