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Fic: When I'll grow up (drabble) for Team Dean

Title: When I'll grow up
Author: cordy69</lj>
Word Count: 100 words
Summary: When he was a kid Dean did not dream about becoming a hunter...

When he’ll grow up, Dean wants to be a Mechanic like his daddy who knows everything about cars, just from the noise they make, how smooth they turn, from watching their owners interact with them…

Dean knows he’d be a great care taker for the Impala. He’s Dad said so. He already taught Dean the name of all the tools he has. And now on weekends, he gets to learn what their purpose is and late at night Dean prays to grow up fast, so his fingers are big enough to hold the tools and has the strength to use them.

Tags: drabbles, fic: gen, rating: g, team dean

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