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Team Dean. Just one word ... TUXEDO!


Spoilers for Ep. 3.06 Red Sky in the Morning.

There were so many words unsaid during 'that' scene, (you all know which one), I have succumbed to temptation and taken a peek inside Bela's and Dean's minds ...

I know Bela divides the fandom almost like no other character. I must admit, despite the fact that she was a scheming cow with the morals of a tomcat, I fall firmly into the camp of grudgingly enjoying the way Bela always used to get one over on the boys and knew exactly how to push their buttons.The first chapter, therefore, is dedicated to Bela's POV, the second to Dean's.

Rating: T for saucy themes
Genre: Humour
Word Count: 200

Chapter 1

I'm not a woman who's used to being wrong … or speechless!

So I was expecting the slabbish great oaf to come swaggering downstairs looking like a badly stuffed sofa, and instead I see a vision of sparkling elegance straight out of GQ.

That tuxedo sits perfectly over those broad shoulders like carved granite, with its sharp lines tracing over his long straight back and slim hips that I'd never noticed under those squalid tarpaulins he calls clothes.


There are those, including me, who doubt that I've ever had a heart; but now I know I do.

Because it's stopped ...


Chapter 2

Dammit. The last thing I needed is another reason for that smug bitch to humiliate me, and yet I'm here, trussed up like a pox doctor's clerk in this friggin' monkey suit. I look like some sparkly-toothed douchebag off the perfume commercials.

Freakin' collar's too tight, an' don't even get me started on this goddamn cumber-whatever-the-crap-it-is. This totally sucks.

Oh well, time to go down and face the gorgon; s'pose I can't look more ridiculous than I already feel.

Yeah, okay woman, stare all you like; there's gotta be some smartass comment brewing in there.


Angry sex?



Okay, wasn't expecting that one!



And just in case you needed any additional convincing ...

Tags: episode squee, fanart, team dean

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