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Dean's thinking about butterflies ...

And why not? That's what I say!

Rating: K
Genre: Humour/H/c
Word Count: 100 - ish


After a string of brutal hunts, the brothers relished the opportunity to sit beside the Impala on a quiet roadside and enjoy a cold beer.

Dean smiled as he watched a butterfly alight on his knee.

"Hey, a butterfly, look Sammy, he's a cute little dude; he's wavin' his little antenne things at me." He grinned around the neck of the bottle.

He studied the insect intently, then turned to Sam, face a picture of serious concentration.

"Why's it called a butterfly?" he asked earnestly, "why not a cheesefly, say, or a jamfly?"

Sam stared at him.

"Dean, let me see that bump on your head again …"



Tags: drabbles, team dean

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