tattooeddevil (tattooeddevil) wrote in spn_bigpretzel,

ART: Dean's return from hell (Lazarus Rising)

I've been staring at these images from the opening scene of Lazarus Rising for a while now. I knew they were gonna look good in grey scales, but I never really got further than convert them :P I wanted to do something for the challenge though and I think this turned out nicely. A hopeful and amazing moment: Dean's return from hell!

Small version:

Large version:

I combined three images: the one where Dean's hand come out of the grave is obvious, but there's also the image of the cross at the head of his grave and a close-up of his eye from the flashback scene right at the beginning of the episode. Basically, they're all from the first minute of the episode :P

Tags: art: gen, season 4, team dean

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