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Fic..part2 {Happy Halloween's}

Title: Happy Halloween .. Part 2
genre:-shmoop,weechester,simple little story
chracters:sam and dean
            *used the movie, resident evil to tell the story, never watched the movie fully coz i was in same condition as sam was in this ficlet..Lolz. so everything i write about that film is purely fictious.
            * This fic hasn't been fully edited, you could encounter a few extra exclamation marks or question marks here and there . sorry for that if you do.
disclaimer:again I don't own them .. though I so wish I did.
Summary: its just sam and dean in roon now, some sweet brotherly moments and a secret reavealed!! we can safely say sam is a prankster.

(Half hour later)

Dean was pretty sure no one from his friends was going to talk to him all week . he also knew that tomorrow his house would be filled with the kids parents complaining to his parents about what a bully dean was.. but dean had his story prepared .

 his friends had decided to spook his brother.. and being a responsible and caring brother dean had tried to stop them.. when they didnt listen and started calling his brother names , he decided to teach them a lesson.. if any of the boys said that dean was the one who had initially planned the mischief, dean could simply say that they were lying.. after all he had been locked in this room by his mother..

What had dean worried more was Sams condition. He was still shivering even though dean had tucked him in about half a dozen sheets. And his lips were turning blue .. dean felt guilty . this was all his fault , he knew sam was easily scared, and yet he had taken out his anger on him .. it wasnt sams fault if the grotesque faces on the big screen scared him .. and yet dean had been so angry when their mother had shouted at him.. it had been his birthday  afterall. And look now what his birthday had turned into!! A brother torture session.. awesomely done dean u simply rock !!

s-what are you doing standing there?? Are you .. are you going to go out again??

sam sounded so scared, the guilt pangs increased. Dean smiled at sam hesitatingly.

D-no sammy i am going nowhere. you r a scared git.. how can i leave you alone here and go out to enjoy??

S- why did you beat up your friends? They will give you a hard time now..

D- oh they will try too . But they wont succeed . dont you know your brother?

saying so dean tickled sam and he laughed ..and then he winced.

D-what happened?

S-nothing .. just nothing


S-uh oh i hit my head with the bed post

D-here let me see

and dean felt the back of his head, sam winced again.


S-a little bit!

D-well let me get you some medicine from mums room.

S-but you cant go out! The door is locked

D-seriously sammy , who needs to go through the door

saying so dean moved to the window and crawled out of it to the balcony and then using the pipes he crawled down..dean was back within minutes with some Tylenol, some water and some of sams favourite the time he returned back, sam looked much better , some of his colour had returned and his lips too werent as blue as before.

Dean heaved a sigh of relief .he moved to his bed and asked him to move up a little. Lying besides his brother he gave him the medicine and offered him some wafers.

s-thanks dean!

D-its okay sammy , just sleep tight..

s-you are going to sleep besides me?

D-have u left me any choice ??

s-(giggling) no!!

.. sam hugged his brother and closed his eyes.. his brother was really a sample piece .. he would try to appear strong and indifferent in front of others , but he so wasnt . sam had guessed that the boogie monster was dean within seconds..

Otherwise who else could say stuff like>>

dont u know boy .. cant u guess?? I thought you were intelligent like your brother!

I mean what kind of monster would glorify dean!! Sam had almost wanted to giggle with relief then , for a second he had been so scared that a real monster was in his room.. but the voice had been deans or his dads..he had been sure of that.. and since his dad was currently in Covington and not in Chicago, that left only one option.. dean !!

so sam had started playing with his brother.. no matter how much his brother pretended to not care , he did.. he cared too much .. every few seconds sam would say something like

My brother likes ketchup too.. my brother.. he will be very angry if you eat me sir !!! he is dangerous when he is angry


my colouringbook, the one that dean gave me? Its still incomplete !! i want to finish it


my brother is never wrong .. you are a stupid stupid monster


He had known his brother would suck it all up and grow emotional and that had been exactly what had happened. Though now that sam thought about it ! he didnt think he could have said anything else even if a real monster was present in his room..


next in the darkness when dean was fighting with his own friends sam had taken his water colours out n smacked his lips with some blue paint.. that trick had worked too.. deans guilt was clearly written all over his face.  



s-did the jail convict really ate humans and zombies in the end??

D-no brother he didnt!! He was one of the good guys. He saved the humans

s-he looked like dad!

dean laughed ,

D-ofcourse he did.. he was dad dumb !! thats why i took you for the movie.. Why else will i show a chicken like you a horror movie??

sam scoffed.

s-i hate dad!!

D-now why do you hate dad?? What did he do ??

s- he knows i get scared , why did he act in that boogie man film ??

dean sighed, trust his brother to ask bizzarest of questions !!

D-its not like that sam ! actors dont always get to choose.. i mean they do select which projects they wanna do!! but they want to do different things.

s-but dad knows i get scared

D-ughhh sam!!! Cant you just sleep pls??


saying so sam hugged dean more tightly.. within few minutes dean was snoring lightly. Sam thought no matter what the life brings ahead , his brother would always be there for him.. and it didnt matter if his brother tried to pretend that he didnt care.. he surely did!! Tonight was the biggest proof of that!

Sam lifted his head , slightly kissed dean on forehead and said

s-happy birthday dean, and happy Halloween

then giggling a little bit sam slept ...

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