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fic..part1 {Happy Halloween's}

Title:Happy Halloween's
Fandom / Genre: Supernatural/schmoop/weechesters
Character(s): Dean, Sam
Warnings: Not much, but the only thing you guys will find simillar to our present supernatural is the presence of sam and dean and nothing else.(their parents are alivr and are not john and mary, they live in chicago.. the like)
Disclaimer: Do not own them ..(wish I did)
Author's Notes: Written for spn_bigpretzel’s Team fight Go Team Sam!!
Summary: a halloween's turned fun.. weechesters were really adoreble ..



Sam hated his brother, he hated horror genre movies , he hated the broken window of his second storey room and he hated his life,,, not necessarily in that order.

This evening he had let his elder brother dean, talk him into going to a horror movie.. and now he was paying the consequences . sam always was a bit of a fragile soul.

Even at ten ,He still got terrified of little unexplainable sounds around the house, still slept holding his brothers hand with the night lamp on his side of the bed switched on.

But today he had been dumb enough to accompany his brother to this horror movie.. he still wasnt sure how dean had talked him into it !! dean had said something about celebrating the true spirit of Halloween. Tomorrow  was Halloween , deans birthday, he explained that if sam said no and didnt accompany him to the movie the spirits of Halloween would feel bad and come after him..

Sam thought may be the spirits of Halloween really did feel bad , that is why they gave him a brother like dean..

They had gone to watch resident evil..afterlife..

In this, humans got turned into grotesque ugly cannibals or zombies controlled by mr grim. These zombies favourite pass time was springing up on other normal unzombiefied humans and turning them into zombies too..

In the end some jail convict (that looked totally like his dad) saves some surviving humans from the building infested with the dead!!!

Err may be .. or may be the good jail convict gets brutally murdered by the zombies??? Sam wasnt sure coz he had spend the last hour of the movie with his eyes closed and his fingers in his ears..

Once the movie finished , dean had to literally carry sam home .. what with sam shivering and stumbling across the alleyway so much..

On seeing sams condition their mother had totally lost it !! she was already weighed down to the brink of insanity because of her new project .. there were so many deadlines she had to meet , she didnt even have time to go to bathroom and pee .. and here were her sons.. returning from a movie.. one shivering and one fuming ..

She had shouted at both of them , called sam a chicken and called dean an insufferable prick, then she had locked both in sams room.. she had forbidden dean to go out that night.. and that had left dean aghast and angry beyond measure.. tonight would be his birthday!!! He had planned to go around the colony with his friends and scare his neighbours to hell.. so many wonderful plans he had made and all were spoiled because his brother had been a chicken sissy!!

As dean tucked sheets around sam , who by the way was still shivering , dean vowed to teach his brother a much needed lesson in bravery..

Dean had told sam about his plan to snuck out through the broken window at night , when their mother would be off to their aunts house to prepare her presentation in peace , away from her deadly sons. Sam had wanted to plead with him to not leave him alone in the house tonight. But he knew better then to try. Today was deans birthday and because of sam dean already had to endure their mums anger , anything more he did to curb his brothers plan tonight, it would end badly , so sam shivered ,kept quiet and then shivered some more.


D= bye sammy take care , dont let the boogie man get to you tonight ! k?

S= wh..what??who is a boogie man ??

S=oh no one scary sammy.. just the dangerous guy who turned all those humans into zombies in the movie..

Sam shivered ..again


with a sly smile dean was gone.. from below he could hear the boys shouting , deans friends were already there.. together they would wreck havoc in the locality. Sam wished dean had taken him along too, but after his sissy act at the theatre , sam doubted the possibilities of him ever accompanying his brother to anything..

He hid his face in the pillow as the wind of the windy city howled.. even the weather seemed to celebrate Halloween.. the way the winds were howling or the  way the black clouds had covered every star in the night sky or the way snow shimmered on the balcony railing of his house..chicago tonight truly seemed to do its best in welcoming the spirits of Halloween ..

its nothing sam .. just ur over active imagination.. their is no boogieman out there.. if there was , he wont harm you.. didnt mum say that good kids never suffered?? But then didnt dean say all the good kids were massacred by monsters centuries ago ???

no .. no dean is  a prick.. he just wants to scare me.. and he is just 14, he couldnt know about kids or monsters that lived centuries ago now.. could he??

no he cant sam .. so just sleep.. you are a good kid a innocent kid. Boogie man .. if this guys even exists wont harm you as he would be under the orders from god .. or err from santa claus not to harm good kids.. may be he will kidnap dean and his friends and then sam the brave saviour will go and rescue his brother.. everyone will be so impressed with the courageous little warrior named sam winchester..

Sam smiled, his imagination was way too cool,   the next second the glass window to his right shattered and the brave little warrior sam shrieked and hid below his bed..

He clutched mr tobby, the toothy tiger closer to his chest ..

who had broken the window? Was it dean? May be his brother had started wrecking havoc  or may be it was the boogieman ??

Sam hugged mr tobby more tightly..

 Everything was silent in the room for next few minutes .nothing except the wind howling outside could be heard . may be it was just a figment of sams overactive imagination ??? but how could he imagine a glass window shattering?? He was just a ten year old kid . he couldnt imagine things as scary as that now… could he? sam waited for few more minutes in the safe heaven of the place that was beneath his bed..

But when still nothing happened sam finally decided to venture out and make sure that his imagination really hadnt gone way out in scaring him.. slowly he came out from under the bed, bringing the sheet and mr tobby out along with him.. if it really was the boogieman , atleast he wont be alone in fighting it. Mr tobby will defend him.. he was a tiger and he had big white pointy shining teeth..

Sam missed the little fact that my tobby was a stuff toy but other then that he felt pretty confidant now.. slowly he approached the window..

It was no longer broken .. the glass was new and shining eerily in the street he really had imagined it breaking?? Wowwyy !!

Timidly sam walked closer to the window

mr window are you really not broken?? Because i think i was preety sure i heard you breaking ..

There was no reply from mr window. Sam took a sigh of relief .and then slowly walked back to his bed ,when he finally managed to climb it ,sam slapped mr tobby and glared at him mockingly

“you stupid cat !! why did you get so scared??? Mr window wasnt broken!! you are a chicken mr tobby! you need to be brave like me

oh so you are brave sam?? Why didnt you tell me that before ? i thought i scared you when you hid beneth your bed.. oh how wrong was i!! May be ill try harder this time !!

Sam froze. That voice where was it coming from ?? he looked frantically around the room .. may be it was dean.. he wanted to reach for the lights and switch them on.. dean said lights burned down any monster but his whole body was frozen rigid. He couldnt move .

you look afraid now boy.. tell me are you afraid??

s-who..whoo are you?

dont you know boy .. cant you guess?? I thought you were intelligent like your brother!

s- are you . you sound like my brother

the voice became more gruffer then before.

are you sure boy??

s- you you sound exactly like that jail convict .. in the movie i saw today . he looked and sounded like my dad!! But that jail convict was good my dad is .. you dont sound good

that will be because i am not good boy! you didnt watch my movie till the end. I am angry .. you missed the best part of the movie, where i eat the zombies and the humans .. yumm now i am gonna eat u chicken ..i mean boy !!

Sam shivered .. the whole room suddenly seemed colder then usual.. the snow outside that should have looked beautiful looked ghastly now.. the wind seemed to be screaming instead of its normal howling, even the night sky with all those shimmering clouds looked sinister..

So dean had been right ..the spirits of the night were really angry with him . he should have watched the movie ..

s-i..i am sorry sir.. i was afraid.. i promise i will see your movie as soon as my brother comes home

why wait for your brother boy?? I am here .. you can see the movie with me.. and then i can decide whether i should eat you or not..

s- pls dont eat me sir.. i wont taste good

dont worry boy!! I will use ketchup.. you will taste yummy with that

s- ketchup?? My brother likes ketchup too.. my brother.. he will be very angry if you eat me sir !!! he is dangerous when he is angry .. last time he was angry with me he drew under wears on all my shirts!!!if he came to know you ate me he will draw under wears on your face


the voice laughed !!! and sam shivered. He had almost murdered mr tobbys neck by now, he was holding it soo hard. he tried moving again .. he needed to get to the light switch .. the jail convict boogieman would be burned to his death then.. but he was still frozen his limbs still didnt agree to move even a little bit..

sam looked around the room frantically.. there were dark shapes all around him !!!

were the boogie man multiplying?? How many monsters were going to feast on him ?? he cringed back and his head hit the bed post.. for a moment sam felt pretty disoriented , the pain building in his head.. and then he realised that the monster had stopped laughing..

underwears on my face?? I must say you have a vindictive brother.. but tell me boy .. can you see my face ??? how will your brother draw underwears on my face if he cant even see it??

The monster had a point..

s-err dean is good at guessing

the monster laughed somemore..

the voice sounded soo familiar!! Dean?? The jail convict from the movie?? Or his dad??

enough playing around boy !!! its time for the feast.. i am going to barbeque you i think.. you and your irritable cat .. my tobby

As the monster finished the sentence, a candle lit very close to sams bed.. it wasnt lieing on floor but it seemed to be flooding just few centimeters above the floor yes it was moving .. steadily and slowly in sams direction..

Sam shrieked and stumbled out of his bed..he tossed mr tobby away and ran for the door.. he pumped at it with his little fists . but the door was closed.. sam had forgotten that his mother had locked him and his brother inside.. sam sank to the floor and wimpered , his heart hammering hard in his chest..

The candle had changed its course ..

Now instead of the bed the candle was moving towards the door.. towards him..

Sam clawed at the door, willing it to open.. it didnt.

s-pls pls dont eat me .. i dont want to be eaten .. i havent even read the book mum baught for me.. my colouringbook, the one that dean gave me??? Its still incomplete !! i want to finish it.. you can eat my crayons with ketchup if you want to!! They will be more tasty then me. I promise!!

no reply .. the candle was still moving steadily in sams direction..

a new voice filled the room.. and it didnt resemble the old one.. it didnt sound like deans or his dads or that jail convicts !! its sounded more sinister

boy you are pathetic .. seriously! cribbing like that !! your brother thinks his brother even if timid is intelligent.. i think you are plain stupid.. so ur brother is wrong !!

s- my brother is never wrong .. you are a stupid stupid monster !!!

you dimwit..

He heard rushing noices then and next second he heard a big OOWW

He stood taking support of the door handle.. the shadows seemed to be jumping on each other.. there were grunts and groaning sounds . sam recognized only one of them.. deans.

So one of the shapes was really his brother.. everything came into focus then.. the shadows were dean and his friends and they had come inside to frighten him. Sam moved towards the light switch slowly, maintaining his distance from the fighting shadows..he had no idea how many boys were currently trying to beat his brother.. but from the shouts he had enough idea that his brother alone was more then a match for everyone else!!1

He switched on the light and saw his brother sitting on two boys and attempting to strangle the third!!

D- how dare you call my brother stupid or dimwit.. you are dimwit and you have a fat nose

Sam laughed.. his brother  was really adorable when he did things like that . sam ran to save the three boys from the wrath of his brother !!


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