July 28th, 2021

Crowley Naughty

The Big Splats(tm)

Here at last are the splats you've created. The names of the artists are secret until at least claiming day, to protect the innocent! Feast your eyes on these marvellous creations and then on Sunday, August 1, we'll open up the claims so you can choose one to write for - or two, or three...

Here we go

1: Cass's Revenge
Cass's Revenge.jpg

2: Changing Channels
Changing Channels.jpg

3: Chicken Pox
Chicken Pox.png

4: Dean Wins
Dean wins.jpg

5: Dismembered

6: Donald and Friends
Donald and friends.jpg

7: Donuts

8: Man Down
Man Down.jpg

9: Out for the Count
Out for the Count.jpg

10: Pie is Where the Heart is
Pie is where the heart is.jpg

11: Pink Rowena

12: Rubber Ducky
Rubber Ducky.jpg

13: Sam is not Impressed
Sam is not impressed.jpg

14: Serenade

15: Smurf

16: Wild Woods
Wild Woods.jpg

17: Wings