May 8th, 2018


Spn_BigPretzel - second call for artists ...

Banner by dizzojay
Okay, I'm just reposting this call for artists at the spn_bigpretzel Spring Fic Exchange...

Posting date for this challenge is 25th May, so time is marching on, and we still have four wonderful story ideas who are looking for artists.
Can you help?

Just for ease of reference, the stories who are still looking for their artists are:

Collapse )

We're not asking you for a Big Bang's worth of work, just a title banner, and if you can manage anything else, then all well and good!

If you fancy taking on any of these awesome story ideas, then please hop onto our claiming post HERE and make your intentions known in the comments section, then feel free to go right ahead and contact the author to get those ideas flowing.

Alternatively, if you don't mind boosting this signal then that would be awesome!

Thanks in advance, let's make sure that we continue the Spring Fic Exchange tradition of great stories complemented by fantastic art, that makes this wonderful challenge so dear to us all!