December 31st, 2017

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Crowley's Christmas Fic Exchange: Angel we Heard on High for Dizzojay


Author: just_ruth
Recipient: dizzojay
Word Count: 1,043
Spoilers/Warnings: None
Original prompt: Every Christmas tree needs an angel on top of it … but those darn pine needles, they get everywhere!
Summary: Dean: One’s an angel, one’s a demon; they solve crimes.
(Well, not exactly)

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Nephilim, nougat, Jack Kline
  • theymp

DEW: New View on Old Year’s Night

Title: New View on Old Year’s Night
Author: theymp
Prompt: SPN100 couple; DEW Challenge: Sam + 1 other & the last of something
Genre: Schmoop
Characters: Sam and Dean Winchester
Pairing: n/a
Rating: PG-13
Word count: 100
Warning/Spoilers: n/a
Disclaimer: I don't own Supernatural or its characters - these were created by Eric Kripke - I'm just borrowing them. I'm not making any commercial gain. No harm or infringement intended.

Summary: Dean is reminded of what’s most important.

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