December 29th, 2017

Naughty naughty

Crowley's Christmas Fic Exchange: Song and Dance for Cuddyclothes


Author: dizzojay
Recipient: cuddyclothes
Rating: T (just for the occasional swear)
Characters: Sam, Dean.
Word Count: 1,720
Warnings: None

Original Prompt: Someone accidentally puts on/gets into in a pair of enchanted red tap shoes and can't stop dancing...and later singing. So he/she is then forced to sing everything he wants to say.

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Naughty naughty

You just can't get the bloody staff these days ...

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Right.  So, you remember back at the beginning of December when I originally posted about this shindig, I mentioned that it would be secret exchange and that fics would be anonymous until the big reveal at the end of the exchange.

Well, I wasn't allowing for that blithering halfwit dizzojay who I foolishly entrusted with the admin of this whole hoedown. It was hardly a challenging commission, was it?  Well, apparently is is if you have the brain capacity of a root vegetable, and a particularly stupid one at that.  Because the soppy tart has posted the SODDING AUTHORS' NAMES ON EACH STORY!!!!

So, it's not such a secret exchange after all.  Feel free to repost your story wherever you like as soon as it has been posted here at the comm.

In the meantime that moron, Dizzo, is getting the bloody sack.  That is to say, the sack I'll tie her up in and drop her in the Thames somewhere.

Honestly, you just can't get the staff these days.