December 22nd, 2017

Naughty naughty

Well, well, well ...

Crowley's Christmas(2).jpg
Banner by just_ruth

Well, what a fine, obedient lot you are.

The submissions have been flooding in, and reading through the stories, or looking at the art,  I don't know whether to be impressed or to run very fast.  There are only a couple of submissions outstanding now.  Remember, tomorrow is the deadline but, because I am a thoroughly good bloke a bloody demon, I am prepared to enter into a mutually acceptable* arrangement regarding the future ownership of your soul.

*smallprint: 'mutually acceptable' in this case means whatever I want it to mean - I don't give a toss whether the arrangement suits you or not ...

So, because I apparently don't have anything better to do,  I'm looking forward to sharing the scrumptious fruit of your labours as of Christmas day!

Thank you all for taking part - (I have to say that bit otherwise that daft tart Dizzo will sulk.)
Toodle-pip darlings