December 9th, 2017

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Crowley's Christmas Fic Exchange - Claiming Post

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Alright you bloody proles.

You've had enough time to put your creaking grey matter to the task of coming up with prompts, and it's time now to let you all loose to claim the twisted fantasies story ideas of your beloved spn_bigpretzel cohorts, and make their twisted fantasties dreams come true!

Claims are now open for the Crowley’s Christmas Fic Exchange Mk II. Remember, only those who submitted prompts are eligible to claim, otherwise you will find yourself answering to me.

To claim, enter a comment to this post. This is first come, first served - so please give me your first and second choice.  You are claiming the person, not a specific prompt, so I just need the lj usernames of your choices.

I will PM you to let you know which one you get. Hopefully, most of you will get your first choice, and I'll try to get back to you as soon as I can so you can start writing as soon as possible. But please remember, I am the King of the Hell, despite what that illuminescent layabout, Lucifer says, so I have responsibilities. And those responsibilities mean that I might be too busy unravelling someone's entrails to get back to you straight away.  Got it?

These comments are screened, because this is SECRET.  Don't tell anyone who you're writing for because we want it to be a sodding surprise.  Blabbing will result in torture ... imagine being tied to a chair and forced to listen to Dean Winchester drunk sing - for all eternity.

All fics will be due ideally by December 23rd. Because of the tight timescale - don't blame me, blame the three bloody stooges that run this place - I will extend it if absolutely necessary to December 24th before I start heating up the pokers.

You will need to email your complete load of bollocks masterpieces as an attachment to me, your Lord and Master, at I will do the actual posting under my account. Whatever format you have should be fine, but I'll let you know if there are any issues. I’m sure we will be able to work out some sort of payment if there are any problems.

I will begin posting on December 25th and all stories should be posted before January 6th. I will reveal the authors who gifted you with your load of drivel delightful tales soon after that.  At that time, you will be free to crosspost your story and/or share it on other sites. Doing so sooner will result in torture - what? With a click of my fingers, I can inflict Sam Winchester drunk singing too.

Right, so, without further ado ...

Last minute prompts by
theymp posted yesterday, a few minutes after the deadline.  Now, I bumped into Mr Ymp today, and he promised me his soul coated in chocolate begged so pathetically, it was quite entertaining - until he refused to stop clinging to my ankles until I agreed to include him.  So ... because I'm really just a complete git big old softie at heart, there is now one more prompt to choose from.

If you have already chosen your prompt, but would like to change your mind to choose Mr Ymp's prompts instead, just let me know, and I will most likely tell you to sod off.

Love and Kisses, Crowley

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