October 9th, 2017

Animated Big Pretzel
  • auntmo9

Changing of the Guard

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As we enter into a new season of our beloved SPN, you will see a few changes here around the Big Pretzel. I have had the privilege of being a co-founder and a mod here at spn_bigpretzel since the beginning back in February 2012, when there was the idea that we needed to celebrate the lighter side of Supernatural. While my real life pressures have always been challenging, over the last several months, they have left me little time to focus on the comm. All of us here owe my co-mod, dizzojay a debt of gratitude for having the passion to keep things going without any help from me. So I am going to hand things over to her permanently, making her the new owner of the comm. She has always said this place is her spiritual home, so I know this place will be in good hands.

I will remain around as a co-mod, but will likely have limited participation as I have these last several months. Having said that, both dizzojay and I are reaching out to all of you lovely, talented people to see if any of you would like to join us as a co-mod. Our hope is that one, or even two of you will step forward  with an eagerness to join the team bringing new ideas and keeping things going on the Sunnier Side of Supernatural! Just PM dizzojay or myself if you are interested.

Thank you all for all of your silliness, fluff and laughter over the last five years! I look forward to more, even if I’m a bit quieter!

Much love,