July 2nd, 2017


DEW: Compliments to the Chef


Genre: Humour
Rating: K+
Characters: Sam, Dean, Human Cas
Spoilers//Warnings: None
Word Count: 100
Disclaimer: Don't own them

Sam and Dean are prepared to go above and beyond to encourage newly-human Cas on his difficult journey through humanity.  Of course, 'above and beyond' is open to interpretation ...
(Prompt was for furniture - I used an appliance instead ... I don't break the rules, I just bend them a little bit!)


“But Sam, it looks like molten lava.”

“Yes, I know, but …”

“It’s supposed to be a Hawaiian pizza, it looks more like something from Hiroshima.”

“Dean.  Cas cooked this for us.  He’s trying so hard.  He’s never used an oven or cooked before; he’s never even eaten before.  Now he’s human, he’s got to learn all that stuff.  So cut him some slack, ok?”

*sigh* “ok.”

“Besides, while he went for a shower, I ordered an x-large Hawaiian from Pizza Palace downtown, express delivery, and slipped that in the oven.  You don’t think I’m eating this lump of carbonized crap, do you?”