June 20th, 2017

Jensen It's okay

Spring Fic Exchange. Title: Even When I Lose, I Win For TheYmp. Art by Just_Ruth.

Title: Even When I Lose, I Win.
Author: candygramme
Recipient: theymp
Artwork: just_ruth
Original Prompts:
* From the POV of the Winchesters' newly-hired cleaner
* Dean's a neat-freak and Sam's kind of a slob
* Sam finds a grey hair

Rating: Gen
Word Count: ~2,850
Synopsis: Crowley needs a bolt hole while he heals. Where else would he go for help?
A/N: I really hope theymp doesn't mind that I didn't work the party in in the end. Maybe next time will be better. I owe my firstborn to spoonlessone, who did my beta with grace, style and commas. When she's finished with him, I will send him on to just_ruth, who did Crowley proud in the very beautiful cover art.

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