June 3rd, 2017

Alec - D.A.

DEW: Bamboo Curtains

Title: Bamboo Curtains
Author: walking_tornado
Rating/pairing: G, gen
Characters: Bobby, Rufus
Wordcount: 100
Prompt: DEW— Bobby, bamboo

“Balls,” Bobby muttered, as he saw Rufus’ missing front door. Instead of iron-reinforcement, a string of green bamboo hung from the door-frame. Bobby swished aside the hippie bamboo curtain, so new that it dripped sap onto the door’s threshold, and stepped inside. Rufus had pushed aside every piece of furniture and now sat cross-legged on a mat of branches, eating earthworms from a hosta-leaf plate.

Bobby immediately slapped him with a bundle of eulalia grasses, recited the counter-curse, and watched the swirling green haze in Rufus’ eyes dissipate.

“With us again, or still on safari?” Bobby asked. Rufus merely glowered.