April 9th, 2017


DEW: Massive Oversight

Title: Massive Oversight
DEW Prompt: the Impala and gravity
Author: fanspired
Rating: G
Word Count: 169
Disclaimer: I write for love only. Characters belong to Kripke and the CW, with a
little help from Tolkien.
Summary: Dean fails to give enough weight to his baby's warnings.

A/N: also inspired by the SPN100 challenge, dense. I've exceeded the 100 word limit substantially. I hope you'll forgive me.

The boys were excited to be hunting a mountain troll since they were thought to be long extinct. Sam even insisted on keeping the body to study its unique physiology. Trolls have exceptionally high bone and muscle density; despite being an immature specimen only four feet high, it took both brothers to lift its weight into my trunk.

Dean can be a little dense himself sometimes, but it's unlike Sam to overlook a detail that's related to the creature's mass: trolls turn to stone when exposed to sunlight. And I think both may have forgotten the trunk still has bullet holes from last week's hunt. I tried to warn them: I was shamefully slow to start and misfired repeatedly driving down the mountain pass, but Dean missed the hint until the sudden extra weight at dawn dragged my back wheels off the road.

Now, as I desperately try to maintain balance, rocking precariously over the edge of the precipice, I think we all appreciate the gravity of the situation.