March 12th, 2017


DeW: Every Garden Has Some Weeds

Title: Every Garden Has Some Weeds
Author: kira
Genre: slice of life
Characters: wee!Castiel, Gabriel, Lucifer, Michael
Pairing: none
Rating: OT for drug references
Word count: 100
Warning/Spoilers: none
Summary: Wee!Castiel wants to play with his big brothers…
Author’s Note: Please note that this is unbetaed, so any mistakes are my own.
Disclaimer: Don’t own Supernatural; wish I did!

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  • theymp

DEW: No Smoke Without Fire

Title: No Smoke Without Fire
Author: theymp
Prompt: DEW Challenge: an angel of your choice & smoking /tobacco.
Genre: Humour
Characters: Castiel and Arthur Ketch
Pairing: implied Castiel/Dean
Rating: PG-13
Word count: 100
Warning/Spoilers: Set during season 12
Disclaimer: I don't own Supernatural or its characters - these were created by Eric Kripke - I'm just borrowing them. I'm not making any commercial gain. No harm or infringement intended.

Summary: Castiel's slightly the worse for wear at awkward drinks get together. Follows 'Time, Gentlemen, Please!'.

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