February 27th, 2017

Charlie Dean Hug
  • auntmo9

Big Pretzel Birthday Bash I Need A Giant Slinky

artist can be found on Tumblr at http://hoursago.tumblr.com/
specific entry at http://hoursago.tumblr.com/post/17417807762/we-earned-it
Thanks to quickreaver for sharing the information so the artist gets credit!

I Need a Giant Slinky
So this is the final part of our birthday celebration. Partying is fun, but sometime life is hard and we need our friends to pick us up and carry us through the rough times.

Has it been "one of those days" for you?  One of those weeks?  Is RL working your LAST nerve?  Are you feeling sad, and you just can't manage to feel better? Do you need a virtual hug? Or how about a giant rainbow-colored Slinky?

It has been a long time, but in the past we have offered you the chance to pop in and ask for a bit of support, be it a "hello," a cheerful gif, maybe a couple of icons to spruce up your journal, and a number of people took advantage of the offer.  So here we go again!  Have things been craptastic lately?  Do you need advice or a helping hand with something?  Do you just want to VENT, and know that somebody's listening?  This is your chance!

We're here to help!  All you need to do is comment to this post -- or post separately, whichever you feel like doing.  No need to roll out the chick-flick moments; just tell us you're in need of some cheering up, and your fellow members (and the mods) will respond with screencaps, gifs, drabbles, a giant slinky ... or our best bear hugs!

Here is a video by  ash48, made near then end of season 8 to remind us that our favorite brothers need hugging, too.

And one more time, Happy Birthday!