February 24th, 2017

Oldies but Goodies Rec: Fake it til You're Naked

There is a scurrilous rumour abounding on thism comm that I have an unhealthy obssession with getting those gorgeous Winchester boys out of their clothes.  I don't know where this unfounded rumour came from - the Naked Dean and Naked Sam tags that were set up on the comm just for me may have something to do with it, but even so ...

So in the Spring Fic Exchange of 2013, I offered the prompt: 'The boys have to conduct a spell naked at a specific spot (site of a historical temple/ancient tragedy/you decide) and find that the location in which they need to do this could cause a few problems.'

So, the brave mandraco took up the challenge, ably assisted with fabulous art by lylithj2 and this was the wonderful result ...


Fake it til You're Naked