February 20th, 2017

  • theymp

DEW: Sense of a Hunter

Title: Sense of a Hunter
Author: theymp
Prompt: DEW Challenge: 5th Birthday Bash: 5 Senses
Genre: Humour
Characters: Sam and Dean Winchester
Pairing: n/a
Rating: PG-13
Word count: 100
Warning/Spoilers: n/a
Disclaimer: I don't own Supernatural or its characters - these were created by Eric Kripke - I'm just borrowing them. I'm not making any commercial gain. No harm or infringement intended.

Summary: Dean doesn't need a sixth sense.

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spn_BigPretzel 5th Birthday Wish List

As part of our 5th birthday celebrations, we want y'all to share in the joy of gift giving!  Therefore, we're thrilled and delighted - nay, delighted and thrilled even - to unveil our special 5th Birthday Wish List!

Got a wish you'd like to have granted, that your fellow members can help you out with? Maybe an icon or two featuring your username? A drabble? A gif of a special moment on the show? A banner for one of your fics? A v-gift to brighten up your Profile page? Someone to chat with during times when it feels like nobody's listening?

You can get a bit more grand if you like -- if your budget is tight and you're wishing for a little more paid time on your LJ, or maybe some credit on iTunes. (We'd suggest that you not wish for a 58" plasma-screen, because the wish fairies don't carry a lot of cash - those coins are heavy; it makes it hard to fly!)

Don't be shy -- we've got an incredibly generous and talented group here, and I'm pretty sure between us, we can provide something for everyone!

So, put your thinking caps on and have at it, guys! Leave your wish as a comment to this post.

You never know what you might end up with!