February 16th, 2017

BP posting rec
  • auntmo9

Oldies but Goodies Rec

Christmas 2012, we had a "Secret Satan Exchange". No that is not a typo. Lucifer directed our fic exchange with the help of his loyal servant, YEK, other wise known as the Yellow Eyed Kitteh. Anyone here remember him?

That year, my fic came from phebemarie and tari_roo, with lovely art from amberdreams
The fic is called "The Merry Christmas Disputation" As the summary states it features Sam, who has taken a temp job at the Best Buy in Pasadena, California and meets a certain Cal-Tech theoretical physicist "one lab accident away from being a super villain". There are other folks who make an apperance as well. (Did I mention I love a good crossover?)

Also, I think this just fuels my head cannon that Sheldon and Penny are aware of the supernatural (or at least part of the spn 'verse) but for entirely separate reasons. I have just never bothered to take the time to post my theories :)