February 14th, 2017

BP friending Meme
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Big Pretzel Birthday Bash Friending Meme

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Friending Meme
So on to part 2 of the birthday celebration. It has been waaaaaay to long since we have had a Friending Meme and since it is Valentine’s Day, who doesn’t need some philia, or brotherly love?  We have also added several new members since our last Friending Meme so what better time than now to do one?

Just copy and paste the questions into the comments section. You can answer as many or as few of them as you like. We know that over 12 seasons it hard to pick just one favorite thing, so if you have two or three, that is OK. Add as much additional information to your entry as you are comfortable with. As you get to know one another, feel free to friend away!

Once again, there is an icon from dizzojay to use if you would like:

As always, have fun and happy birthday!
BP posting rec
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Oldies but Goodies Rec

I'm not very good at the self- rec thing. But I'm going to give it a shot. Back in the days before DEW, we also had a weekly theme and the week of Valetine's Day 2013, our theme was OTP. Now, I am not much of a shipper, but it was Valentine's Day, and I couldn't resist. Some of the references might be a little out dated, but it might also be fun, given it is Valentine's Day today

Title: The Postman Cometh
Author: auntmo9
Rating: PG
Genre: Humor
Spoilers: Through Season 7. Also, Gabriel never died. Because he didn't.
Pairings: Dean/Apple Pie, Sam/Laptop, Meg/Cas, Dean/Cherry Pie, Sam/L'Oreal, Garth/Mr. Fizzles, YEK/Lucifer, Cas/Board Games, Dean/Impala, Gabriel/Candy
Word Count: 960
Summary: God's Messenger decides to read through some of the letters he is delivering around Valentine's Day.
A/N: Written for spn_bigpretzel's weekly theme: OTP

Here at my journal

Also, I will glady explain the YEK to anyone who hasn't been here long enough.