February 8th, 2017

Cereal killer

Pimping Plot Bunny Boot Camp


Anyone with a todo list that makes either you or other people cry? Have more WIP's, prompts, tables and bingo cards than you can deal with?

plot_bunny_boot will help you kick your to do list into shape!

Our bunny piles are too fat. Each January, we vow to whittle them down and by the end of December each year, they are still sitting there, fat and bloated, despite our best efforts. 

This year shall be different. Clearly, we cannot police ourselves and are setting up a community to check in with our progress periodically. Major General Apathy has agreed to be our taskmaster to run this little challenge and crack the whip... er wield the hammer? Arm the cattle prod? I'm sure she has a torture device of choice she will be wielding. 

Just a reminder that sign ups are still going on at plot_bunny_boot, but they end the February 14th so you need to hurry! You have a week to get those bunny piles together! If you want to participate, but are having trouble figuring out your bunny pile or making it reach the 100 fic minimum, contact kattrip033 or vexed_wench. For all other questions, please contact the mod, majorgenapathy.

Remember, the three W's are not allowed: No whining, No wanking and NO wussing out, is that understood?


Sign Ups

The Comm also has some handy writing tools in the Tool Box sidebar.

The first weekly check in is TBA.