December 10th, 2016

nyah, Raja

A Furry Gift

TITLE: A Furry Gift
CHARACTERS: Garth and Bess
WARNINGS: Mentions of eating raw meat.
SPOILERS: Spoils to the most recent mention of Garth in Season 9, Episode 12.
WORDS: 100

The kitten wouldn’t stop following Garth after he found it, and it was so darn cute he couldn’t bring himself to take it to a shelter.

He was heartily relieved when Bess opened the basket he’d placed the tiny cat in Christmas morning and cooed over the little thing.

“It’s okay?” he asked. “I mean, I figured you probably like dogs better?”

Bess laughed. “Actually, dogs are very nervous around werewolves, but cats are still a little wild, and we get along better with them.” Bess gave them both a kiss. “Now, who wants some fresh meat?”

The kitten purred.