December 6th, 2016

Animated Big Pretzel
  • auntmo9

A Very Big Pretzel Holiday Challenge - Team Assignments!

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Thank you for everyone who has signed up for

A Very Big Pretzel Holiday
Drabble Challenge!

Today we are announcing the team assignments! (drum roll please):

Team Ho Ho Ho will consist of:
emmatheslayer, smalltrolven, zelda_addict, katleept, toratio, just_ruth and jj1564!!

Team Humbug will consist of:
jennytork, theymp, dizzojay, vexed_wench, candygramme, milly_gal, and sinfulslasher!
(if I overlooked anyone or placed you on the wrong team please let this sleep deprived mod know)

The challenge will begin TONIGHT, midnight, December 7th, wherever you are in the world (or hey, if it is midnight in Great Britain, you are in New York and want to kick things off, go for it). As a team, you will attempt to write and post as many 100 word drabbles/produce as many graphics as you can by midnight, Wednesday, December 21, 2016. Use your team's tag when posting so that all of your team's posts can be tallied together at the end of the competition.
Team Ho Ho Ho's challenge will be to focus their drabbles/art on anything to do on the fun, wonderful, sweet, schmoopy side of Christmas. The boys exchanging Christmas gifts or having a snowball fight, Cas learning about a human tradition, Jody throwing a party, etc

Team Humbug’s challenge will be to focus their drabbles/art on how the holidays can go wrong. Dean unintentionally making turkey flambe, a grumpy (but adorable) Bobby, Cas tangled up in Christmas lights and well...Crowley.

Please remember to keep within the spirit of of the community and most of all, have some holiday fun!