October 25th, 2016

Animated Big Pretzel
  • auntmo9

Halloween Reverse Mini Bang -CLAIMING & POSTING Reminders

banner by dizzojay

#1 CLAIMING: We still have 4 pieces of art that haven't been claimed.

At this point, you can claim a second piece if you have already claimed one. Or if you haven't claimed one at all, please feel free to jump in to the candy bowl!

We are willing  to work with you. You don't think you can reach the 1000 word minimum? That is fine. How about 500-1000? Need more time for posting? We can extend it a few days past Halloween. Go HERE to claim one of the remaining pieces of art and PM me (auntmo9) to work something out

#2 POSTING: You will not have an assigned posting date.

You may post your completed story at any time between Friday October 28th and Halloween, Monday October, 31st.
Hopefully, that will ensure the comm doesn't get overwhelmed on the 31st, and no one's story gets overlooked in the shuffle.

As always, have fun!! :D