August 28th, 2016

nyah, Raja

DEWin' It from Vancon

I need to sleep, but I wanted to get this up before I forget to do it.

TITLE: Ladies’ Night
WARNINGS: Failure to recognize sarcasm?
SPOILERS: Not so much, but technically to Season 9.
WORDS: 100

After Sam expelled him, Gadreel fell back on the bartender vessel he had first used.

“So,” a female regular purred across the bar, “tomorrow is Wednesday, ladies’ night. Are you going to give in and dance on the bar like you promised?”

His vessel hadn’t really meant the words, but when Gadreel scanned his mind, all he saw was the man speaking the promise. Sarcasm was lost on him.


The dance was kind of stiff and awkward, but no one complained.

“I don’t believe it!” a second woman remarked to the first.

“Right? I guess we finally wore him down...”