August 10th, 2016


A nasty case of crabs (PG)

It's not for DEW, but I thought the drabbly people here might appreciate it all the same ;)

Inspired by caranfindel's A season on a boat.

"OH MY GOD!" Dean rolled around on the bottom of the deck, clutching frantically at his groin. "It's agony! It's freakin' AGONY!"

"OK, well hold still or I can't help you!" Sam yelled back.

"Let's take a vacation," Dean had said. "We'll 'borrow' a yacht and cruise the Carribean. It'll be fun!" Dean had said.

Turns out there's all manner of evil lurking in the depths of the ocean and they were just as busy now as they ever were on dry land. Sam was researching how to kill Leviathan lobsters when they were attacked by demonic crabs, and a particularly ferocious specimen had sunk its claws into the front of Dean's speedos.

"Do something, Sam! Get it off! Get it OFF me!"

Sam raised the salt gun.

"Not like that!" Dean screamed. "NOT LIKE THAT!"