June 29th, 2016

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A Series of Somewhat Unfortunate Events for zelda_addict

Title: A Series of Somewhat Unfortunate Events (Depending Upon Your Point of View)

Recipient: zelda_addict

Artist: amberdreams

Characters:  (deaged) Sam and Castiel, Dean, Kevin Tran

Warnings:  crack!fic, de-aging (see prompt), takes place loosely around Clip Show in Season Eight

Rating:  PG

Word Count: 3500

Original Prompt: Prompt 1: I would love something with de-aging of Cas (well, his vessel anyway), Dean, and Sam in the vein of "A Series of Unfortunate Events" with a young Dean who thinks on his feet to improvise tools, younger Sam who knows way too much about everything, and baby Cas who likes to bite smite things.

Summary:  Both recovering from recent events between the second and third Trials, Sam and Castiel happen upon a disused magical laboratory in the Men of Letters Bunker, with rather interesting results.  And of course, Sam wants to share everything with his idolized older brother - including the effects of a de-aging potion, much to Dean's dismay.

A/N:  I wanted this to be far more polished and to incorporate at least one more of the awesome prompts I was given, but simply ran out of time due to Real Life issues - hope it suffices anyway.  :)  There is an in-progress Part Two forthcoming at some future date, which will feature all three de-aged characters.

Amazing art by amberdreams below the cut, due to flashing image - warning for that and for slight story spoiler, though the prompt itself is basically the same spoiler.


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