June 23rd, 2016

Jensen It's okay

Spring Fling for just_ruth. "The Life of Pie"

Sorry to take so long to post. I am here at last, hopefully in time. It's 8pm here in rain-washed Vancouver.

I picked up just_ruth's prompts, and decided to see what I could do with her desire for b. Apple pie, ice cream and a poltergeist. Together with the deliciously multitalented dizzojay, we set out to produce a multimedia delight for her delectation.

That sounds so good, doesn't it. All praise to dizzojay, who wasn't even slightly phased by the cracky nature of my offering and who produced an adorable piece of art for it, so here is:

Title: "The Life of Pie"
Word Count: 3,534
Beta: spoonlessone
Artist: dizzojay
Rating: gen
Featuring: Sam, Dean, Castiel, and The Pie

Collapse )