April 29th, 2016

Animated Big Pretzel

Announcing the 5th Annual Spring Fic Exchange- Better Late Than Never!

banner by dizzojay

Wow! Five years running and this has been our main challenge! This is one of the first big challenges we ever did as a community. It has become a hallmark of who we are, so of course we absolutley have to continue this wonderful spn_bigpretzel tradition!

I am sorry that we are off to a really, really late start. But spring doesn't really end until June 19th this year so we are going for it! Because of that however, we will be on a tighter schedule (see below)

This is the sign-up post FOR AUTHORS who wish to participate in the 4th Annual spn_bigpretzel Spring Fic Exchange.

ARTISTS will sign-up at a later date, once we know which stories need illustrating.  And, yes, you can participate as both an author and an artist if you wish.
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