April 24th, 2016

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Drabble - The Bake-Off

Originally posted by jj1564 at Drabble - The Bake-Off
Title: The Bake-Off
Characters: Dean and Sam.
Rating: PG
Word count: 100
Warning/Spoilers: none
Prompt: DEW - Theme - Laughter
Disclaimer: Just for fun, not profit.
Summary: Dean bakes the perfect cake - almost. Inspired by a mistake on the banner I made for my mum's 80th Birthday!

Dean’s a good cook; his home-made burgers are amazing. His chilli is almost as good as Bobby's.However, baking seemed to be out of Dean's league. Dean wasn't going to give up easily; especially as Jody had challenged him to a bake-off.

The Bunker kitchen – and Dean - had been covered in flour, eggs and sugar for days.

Finally, he'd done it. The perfect cake, iced beautifully.

"Happy Birtday Claire," Sam read aloud "Um, dude, birtday?"

“Holy crap,” Dean stared in horror.

Sam just couldn't help laughing...and ducked just in time to avoid the flying cake landing on his head.