April 10th, 2016


DEW Fic: Road Test (PG, Gen)

(Howdy! I haven't watched past the start of Season 9 yet so I've been hiding out and avoiding spoilers, but I saw this was a Changing Channels Challenge and I couldn't resist. :-D)

Title: Road Test
Alternate Posting: AO3
Rating/Content: PG, crack, references to Supernatural episodes (5.08, 5.19, 6.15), commercial crossover sort of.
Word Count: 650
Notes: Written for the D.E.W. challenge: Put Sam and Dean into a TV show/movie/advert of your choice. I picked this commercial, which I don't even know if it gets shown in the US, but let's pretend, m'kay? Set at some point after 6.15, at some time when Sam and Dean are back in the Impala and working cases together peaceably.

Summary: Some detours take you further than others.
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