February 27th, 2016

DEW: Gun Street Girls

Genre: gen
Characters: Jody, Alex, Claire
Rating: G
Challenge: DEW: Jody; jobs.
Warnings/Spoilers: nope

Word Count: 100
Summary: Wayward daughters; weapons.

Title from Tom Waits.

Claire lays out the “silver”; it makes her think of haloes, which don’t exist.
Alex puts out the “silver”; it make her think of bigger blades, ones that sliced—
    she doesn’t think of  that anymore. They’re home. There are chores.
Claire shines knives; Alex takes out trash.
There’s a broom.
Jody comes home; shrugs off the shift to a shine.
Kitchen countered; sauce stocked; a peace.
Bedtime Jody lays out the weapon, in pieces, for cleaning; one girl at each hand, says,
Do it like this.
Wraps arms over shoulderblades (these girls!), tugs them:
(Be strong.)
Be safe.

DEW: Taking Care of Business, Every Day

Author: cuddyclothes
Characters: Jodie, Donna
Rating: G
Challenge/Prompt: spn_bigpretzel DEW: Jodie + Jobs and Work
Word Count: 100
Summary:  Dialogue fic
Author's note:  I so wanted to have a title based on "It's Hard Out There For A Pimp".  Dang!!


“Jodes, we gotta a situation on our hands.”

"...which one?”

“Both. They’ve been carryin’ on like wet cats for the last hour. Ya gotta do somethin’ for me.”

“Donna, I’m on the job. I can’t take a break.”


“All right, what?”

“You gotta get to Hot Topical and get a Rhianna t-shirt. Alex wore Claire’s t-shirt, went out with that guy in her science class and now it’s all muddy.”


“I’m too busy trying to get the story outta Alex and keepin’ Claire from killin’ her, Jodes.”

“Okay, Donna.”

“You’re an angel.”

Don’t call me that!


DEW: A Second Chance


Rating: K+
Genre: Friendship
Characters: Jody, Dean
Spoilers/Warnings: None
Word Count: 100
Disclaimer: I don't own them

Everything deserves a second chance – even plastic soldiers


They were just plastic soldiers.

Little green dudes, two inches high, all jumbled into a dog-eared cardboard box.

They used to belong to Owen, but Jody had never been able to throw them away, so in a moment of weakness, she’d passed them on to Dean.

Now they were busy re-enacting the Battle of Lexington. They’d already rebuilt the bridge on the River Kwai, retaken Iwo Jima and would soon be lining up against those Limey bitches in the War of Independence.

They might only be secondhand toys, but Jody had wanted them to live on.

Dean was happy to oblige.


J2 end
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Drabble: A Job For Dean

Originally posted by jj1564 at Drabble: A Job For Dean

Title: A Job For Dean
Characters: Jody, Sam & Dean
Words: 100
Rating: PG
Warnings: None
Prompt:spn_bigpretzel  DEW – Jody Mills and jobs
Summary: Jody has a job for an (initially) reluctant Dean.

“It’s Jody,” Dean frowns at his cell.

“Well, answer it!”  Sam snaps.

“What if she’s asking us to another sex-ed dinner?” Dean whines.

“Good point,” Sam agrees, “but we can’t ignore her.”

Dean sighs, “Hey, Jody.”

“Hey, Dean, bad time?” Jody asks.

“No, you’re good. What’s up?” Dean replies.

“I got a job for you, not a hunt…”

“Jody, I…we…” Dean stammers.

“Relax, I don’t need your expert advice on teen sex this time!” Jody chuckles, “I’ve seen an old runaround I wanna buy my girls, can you check it out for me?”

“Yeah, I can do that!” Dean grins.