February 17th, 2016


DEW is taking a break, but ...

Just for one week, DEW is taking a break, but for a very good reason.

Tomorrow marks our fourth birthday!

Yes, spn_bigpretzel has been celebrating the sunnier side of Supernatural for four fun-filled years tomorrow, and your mods felt like that's a milestone that deserves to be celebrated in it's own special way.

Therefore, I am thrilled to announce:

okay folks, here's how it works:

Write a story - minimum 500 words, or produce a piece of artwork based on the prompt below.
Stories and artwork must reflect the spirit of the comm.  That is, they must be light-hearted, cracky or fluffy.
Posting runs for exactly one week, starting midnight tonight and ending midnight on Tuesday 23rd February.  Timings apply for wherever you are in the world
There is no limit to the amount of posts you can make
Tag your posts 'itty-bitty birthday bang'
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So, write words, make art, have fun - and let's give our community a birthday to remember.

DEW will be back next week!