January 25th, 2016

Sunny JA Smallville

"Speed" - A Top Gun-inspired SPN Drabble

Overhearing my parents watching Top Gun on tv in the living room, I couldn't help but imagine Sam and Dean enjoying movies like that. This is the drabble that came to me as a result.


Coming up on a deserted strip of highway surrounded by empty cornfields, Dean gets a wicked grin on his face. Sam just knows he's up to something.

"Sammy, I'm feeling the need." He waggles his eyebrows, revving the engine.

"Oh for god sakes." Sam sighs. It was times like this that he wishes the Impala had seatbelts.

"The need.." Dean pauses waiting for his brother to get with the program and chime in. "Come on, say it with me. The need...FOR SPEED." And that's all the warning Sam gets before Dean floors the accelerator. The Impala happily leaps forward and shoots off down the asphalt.

Sam grabs onto the doorhandle. "Dean! You're going to get us arrested." He cries out as fields whip by the windows in a blur.

Dean snorts. "Wouldn't be the first time!" He laughs.


"Come on, you know you love it!" He grins at Sam, all teeth. Sam couldn't help thinking suddenly that his brother looked like the grown up posterchild for Dennis The Menace.

"Eyes on the road, Dean. THE ROAD!" Sam hollers as the Impala drifts into the middle of the two traffic lanes.

"I got it. I got it." Dean corrects but doesn't slow down. "I could drive my Baby with my eyes closed."

"Not at 95mph you can't!"

"Wanna bet?" Dean smirks.

"No I don't. I really, really don't." Ok sure, Sam knew Dean would never crash the car and had excellent driving skills, but he didn't want to test their luck. After all, Winchesters tended to have pretty shitty luck.

"You're such a wet blanket, Sammy. I should start calling you Linus."

Sam rolls his eyes, fighting to hold on to his brooding instead of giving in to his brother's infectious glee. "Shut up and drive, Maverick." If the sly grin Dean shot him was anything to go by, he was losing the fight. Surely it had nothing to do with the fact that Sam planned their route to take them through these empty back roads all along.

Dean whooped as the wind blew in through their open windows, car barreling down the open road. In that moment, it felt like no evil would ever catch them.