December 29th, 2014

Crowley Santa Hat

Crowley's Twelve Days of FaLaLa-ing Christmas

TITLE: Crowley’s Twelve Days of FaLaLa-ing Christmas
SUMMARY: Struck by a Christmas Spirit curse, Crowley is forced to ‘bring good cheer’ to the bunker residents for the twelve days of Christmas. And he thought centuries of torture in Hell was bad.
RECIPIENT: amberdreams
CHARACTERS/PAIRINGS: Crowley, Sam, Dean, Kevin
GENRE: Humor...then gets a touch smoopy
RATING: PG-13 (some language)
SPOILERS (if any): Slight spoilers for season 9.
LENGTH: ~1600

A/N: We’ll call this ‘canon divergent’, as it takes into account Crowley’s time as the bunker’s guest but the timeline is...what’s the technical term? Wonky. Yeah, that’s it. In other words, written to bring good cheer, but not exactly a canon-based plotline.


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