December 25th, 2014

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Charlie is My Darling

Title: Charlie is my Darling
Recipient: theymp
Characters/pairings: Sam, Dean, Castiel, Charlie, Dorothy
Words: ~2100
Warnings: A few F bombs
Summary: For the Ymp’s prompt - Someone in the bunker unwittingly develops the ability to enter and control the dreams of others - but it takes a while for them to realise that this isn't just a really weird dream of their own. Ok, so technically Charlie isn’t actually in the Bunker any more, but close enough, huh?
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Crowley's Covert Christmas Fic Exhange Posting Has Begun

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Hello boys and girls! And Happy Bloody Chirstmas to all of you!

As you might have noticed, I have begun posting all of your nauseatingly lovely stories and art that you are gifting each other for the holidays. Just a few reminders:

  • If the artist has credited themselves on their artwork, you most certainly can critque the blooday hell out of them tell them what a lovely job they have done, how much you appreciate their hard work and thank them for stepping up to the plate and helping their fellow lackeys out.

  • Authors should wait until I reveal who has gifted whom after all the stories have been posted before they crosspost to their own journals or other communities.

  • Even though the authors remain anonymous at this point, I am told by my co-mods that "comments are love", whatever  in the unholy realms of the underworld that means ( I can think of a few choice comments for all you) so be sure to take a moment to read over the fics and if you enjoyed them, drop a line on the post to leave some feedback.

I think I am going to need extra scotch and some antacid to get through all of the cotton candy you people are stuffing into me, in addition to the filters your co-mods are putting on my diatribes.

Season's Greetings


Rating: T
Genre: Humour/Meta
Characters: Sam and Dean Winchester
Spoilers/Warnings: a teeny bit of naughtiness
Word Count: 200
Disclaimer: Don't own them

The boys address their fans, but one of them is finding it a bit difficult to enter into the festive spirit.

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