December 11th, 2014

Crowley Santa Hat

Crowley's Covert Christmas Fic Exchange: It's Time For Artists to Claim Some Fic

banner by dizzojay
ATTN ARTISTS: Here's your chance to sell your soul claim a fic and do some art for our little holiday shindig.  Again, due to confidentiality, the comments will be screened and only visible to myself and my lackeys (i.e. the other lazy mods).

I would have been here sooner, but running Hell is no easy chore, and I had some unexpected family obligations arise. Also, some of the authors decided that I was unworthy of a response to my last post. So besides potentially loosing out on art for your story, please be aware that you will be first in line for torture this year.

On the other hand, as I expected, there are some annoying overachievers in the group who will be doing both their own story and art this year. Hence, I will not be listing their prompts below. For the rest of the group, the prompts I did recieve will be below the cut. While I am of course, above reproach, if you find any errors that my lackeys have made, please notify me immediately so that I may both correct their mistakes and punish them accordingly.

Since it's short notice, no one is expecting a big bang's worth of art.  Think one banner and maybe an icon to go with it. If you have time for more, then you are just being a braggart, that's awesome, but not expected.  Deadline is December 20th.

I will need to know 2 things from all interested artists:

  1. At least your top 3 picks from the list below (This is first come/first served and you may not get your 1st or even 2nd choice.)

  2. How should your author get in touch with you?  PM or email?  If email, leave an address.

I will PM all artists re: which claim is theirs, along with the name of the author involved.

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