November 28th, 2014

Crowley Santa Hat

Crowley's Christmas Wish List

Well, I promised the lot of you a second round of holiday torture and here it is.

banner by mamapranayama

If you weren’t up to selling your enitre soul by throwing your hat in to the fic exchange, then how about giving up just a wee bit of it in order to help out some other people around here? You know, just to get in the spirit of the holidays.

I am the King of Hell, and well, this should be my busiest season of all. Sales should be through the roof! I have a business to run and this is no time to slag off. It’s the best time of year to cut a deal. Today is Black Friday. Who do you think came up with that name?

So it is time for

Crowley's Christmas Wish List

Here is my final, bottom line sales pitch: Lay out your small desires, your wishes. And maybe, just maybe your fellow lackeys will grant them. Would you like a few new icons? Let old Crowley know and he’ll see if he can coerce some of your fellow comm members into making them for you. What about a banner, some picspam, or a drabble? The deal is same. Heck, why stop there? Maybe you want some non-fandom things, like a playlist for workouts or a recipe (Don’t forget I have that delightful gluten-free baby uvula muffin recipe if you want it).

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