November 8th, 2014

nyah, Raja

DEW: Dean must tread quietly...

TITLE: Ain't Nothin' Wrong With That
CHARACTERS: Bobby and Dean
WARNINGS: Er...naughtiness implied?
SPOILERS: Not really.
WORDS: 100

Bobby preferred to research the old fashioned way, nose in the musty pages of a book. Computers might be faster, but they were also very impersonal. Bobby politely accepted the laptop the Winchester brothers bought him, but he almost never used it. It figured Dean would be the one to stumble upon his dirty, little secret.

"Hey, Bobby, you researching that--whoa!"

He quickly clicked away from the explicit Deep Space Nine fanfiction to a more innocent tab. "Uh..."

"Hey, no judgement here! Whatever revs your engine, man."

Bobby decided Dean didn't need to know he'd actually written that story.