November 2nd, 2014

nyah, Raja

Halloween Reverse Micro Bang Fic: Shady Lady

TITLE: Shady Lady
CHARACTERS: Sam and Dean
WARNINGS: If you're super easily grossed out, this may bother you. Some gore, bodily fluids, and mild cursing.
SPOILERS: Nothing really. The time frame is most vague, but post season six for supernatural beings of choice and references Dean's allergy.
WORDS: 2500ish
AUTHOR'S NOTE: Inspired by this lovely image from just_ruth:

Giant Kitty

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FIC: Attack Of The Ice Cream Ghoul (Though Not Really…)

Title: Attack Of The Ice Cream Ghoul (Though Not Really…)
Characters: Sam, Dean
Rating: PG
Warnings: Some rude language and innuendo
Written for: The wonderful just_ruth who created the brilliant banner for the spn_bigpretzel Halloween Micro Bang
Word count: 2049 words
Notes: Set right during some unspecified down-time in an unspecified season :)
Also on AO3
Cat in the Box!

Fic: Reflections in Amber (Rating PG-13, Sam Winchester)

Title: Reflections in Amber
Author name: digitalwave
Character: Sam Winchester
Fandom/Universe: Supernatural
Rating: PG-13
Spoilers: For all previously aired episodes
Word Count: 350 words
Summary: Home crept up on you sometimes, even when you least expected it.
Disclaimer: The characters in this work remain the property of themselves and their related production companies. None of the pretties belong to me, I'm only borrowing them.
nyah, Raja

DEW: This Is How We Roll at Our House...

TITLE: Planning Ahead
CHARACTERS: Dean and Sam
SPOILERS: Not really.
WORDS: 100

After a particularly late salt and burn in the rain, Sam and Dean had slept through check out time for their motel and decided to just stay another night. When Sam remarked that it was Halloween, Dean had hurried out, returning with an armful of bags of candy.

"You really think we'll get that many trick-or-treaters?" Sam asked, noting that all of the candies were ones his brother enjoyed.

"No one wants to be the losers who have to hand out pennies, Sam," Dean defended. "Besides, we get what's left."

"So, you basically bought candy for you?"


Micro-Bang Fanfic: Forest Night Flight (for Dizzojay)

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Title: Forest Night Flight
Alternate Posting: AO3
Rating/Content: Gen, PG-13, CRACK, curses, mental alteration. Set somewhere in season 2 maybe?
Word Count: 873
Disclaimer: I do not own and did not originate this world and its inherent characters.
Notes: Written for dizzojay's spn_bigpretzel Halloween Reverse Micro-bang art "Haunted Forest", seen below.

Summary: One day they would both look back at this and laugh. So hard.

haunted-forest by dizzojay
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Halloween Reverse Micro Bang Fic: The Uncivil War

Title: The Uncivil War
Author: theymp
Pairing: none (Gen)
Rating: PG-13
Warning/Spoilers: Mild cursing, brotherly bickering, and controversial reference to Sam's eye color. Also, everything I know about the American Civil War is from less than five minutes on Wikipedia ;)
Summary: Dean may not be sure if he actually hates Halloween, but he does know there's something strange going on at the site of a famous Civil War battle. But is it really worth missing a Dr. Sexy marathon?
Disclaimer: I don't own Supernatural or its characters - these were created by Eric Kripke - I'm just borrowing them. I'm not making any commercial gain. No harm or infringement intended.
Author Note: Inspired by just_ruth's image:

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