October 11th, 2014

nyah, Raja

DEW: I'd like to think they tip fairly.

TITLE: Could Have Been Worse
CHARACTERS: Dean, Sam, and OFC
SPOILERS: Umm... Through the Season 8 premier?
WORDS: 100
A/N: Imagine Sam and Dean went out to eat after their reunion at the cabin.

Stacey knew table ten was going to be difficult--they were far too attractive to be normal. They were also giving off an aura of awkward tension that could probably be felt across town.

The tall one with floppy hair asked about whether they used organic and locally-sourced ingredients. Stacey wondered if it had somehow escaped his notice he was in a freakin' Biggerson's.

The other guy ordered their greasiest burger and then literally licked the plate. He actually growled when she tried to take it away!

At least they left a big tip--it could have been worse.