September 27th, 2014

nyah, Raja

DEW: Because I've always wondered what she expected.

TITLE: Expectation Versus Reality
CHARACTERS: Becky, Dean, and tangential Sam
WORDS: 100
A/N: I truly mean no offense by anything said herein. Honest!

Becky somehow managed to tear her gaze away from the specimen of perfection she'd just known Sam would be to take in the other brother.

He was...actually quite attractive! He was no Sam, but she'd assumed the comment in "Skin" about being the handsome one and all the ladies had been overcompensation.

Dean was pretty tall, too. She always imagined him smaller--the better to be passionately manhandled by Sam.

He was all too real, and it was messing with her personal Supernatural worldview, so she looked back at Sam and let her mind drift. Ignorance truly was bliss!

DEW: Sister Act


Rating: K+
Genre: The three 'F's - family/friendship/fluff
Characters: Charlie Bradbury, Dean Winchester
Spoilers/Warnings: teeny weeny mentions of goings-on in 7.20 'The Girl with the Dungeons and Dragons Tattoo'
Word Count: 100
Disclaimer: Don't own them

An only child wouldn't ordinarily have siblings; but then Charlie's never been ordinary!


I remember first meeting the Winchesters, and thinking our connection would be temporary - you know, ships passing in the night, raiding Dick Roman’s office, breaking my arm, that sorta thing.  That’s what I thought.

Not what I hoped.

See, those Winchester guys have a way of affecting you, and when Dean described me as ‘the little sister he never wanted’, it was awesome.

He’s the big brother I’ve always dreamed of; brave, kind, caring, loyal and protective to a fault.

He gives me noogies, calls me ‘geek’ and is the dirtiest pillow-fighter ever.

And I couldn’t love him more.