August 30th, 2014

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TITLE: Cost of Doing Business
CHARACTERS: Harry and Ed
WORDS: 100

Harry eyed the price listed by the EMF meter on the website skeptically. "I dunno, Ed--that's pretty expensive!"

"Well yeah, Harry, but we're talking professional quality here. This is the one all the serious guys are using."

"Couldn't we maybe make one?" Harry asked. "I looked up the components once."

"Are you kidding?" Ed scoffed. "You'd have to be an electrical engineer or a genius or something to do that."

"I guess you're right," Harry agreed with a sigh. "We're gonna have to hold off on the embroidered logos for a while then."

"Sacrifices must be made, I suppose."
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DEW - We Can't All Hustle Pool

Title: We Can't All Hustle Pool
Characters: Ghostfacers (Ed and Harry)

"We need gas." Ed pulled the van into a gas station and stopped next to a pump.

"Again? We just filled up." Harry opened his wallet.

"Yeah, and then we drove for six hours. You got any cash?" Ed had his own wallet out.

Harry handed over the last bill. "That's it. We need to find a paying job."

"Or hustle some pool." Ed complained.

"Since when do you play pool?" Harry asked. "I think there's an ATM here. You ready to work your magic?"

"In a minute." Ed climbed into the back of the van to gather his tools.

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Dew - Over The Shoulder

Title: Over The Shoulder
CHARACTERS: Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester
WORDS: 100
DISCLAIMER: I don't own the characters of Dean or Sam and this is purely written for fun.   @JimBeam is a real twitter page, not sure about the others! Inspired by this photo borrowed from here

Over The Shoulder

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Dean hadn't noticed Sam approaching and peering over his shoulder until his brother spoke; he had been so engrossed in his ‘tweeting’. He felt a little guilty that as an experienced hunter he could be so side-tracked.

“Dude, really?” Sam had said and Dean startled, just managing to keep his grip on his cell.

“What?” Dean grumbled. “You wanted me to join the twenty-first century!”

“I didn't even know Busty Asian Babes was on Twitter!”

“Not just that, Sammy!” Dean couldn't help the smile, “Look!”

He held up his cell revealing that he was also following @ChevyImpala, @JimBeam and @ElSolbeer.